Personal Financial Services 

Collectively, our Intergenerational Wealth Financial Planners have helped thousands of everyday Australians reach their financial goals. Our philosophy is that there is a solution to every problem. At Intergenerational Wealth, we will take the time to understand your goals and get you on track to achieving them.

With our vast experience, we specialise in a large number of areas to meet your individual needs.

Our key strengths in this area include:

  • Tax Planning
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement
  • Investment and Wealth Creation Strategies
  • Estate Planning Considerations
  • Asset Protection Services
  • Wealth Creation
  • Personal insurances
  • Debt management
  • Budget management
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Gearing


We are purely fee for advice when providing investment advice, so all the fees and charges are completely transparent.


At Intergenerational Wealth, we have approximately 60 years of experience in the finance industry


All of our clients can attest that our advice is trusted, and that we will always ensure we put you in a better position.

Get in touch with one of our financial advisors at (03) 9746 7643, or simply provide your details to schedule a no-obligation meeting, and we’ll reach out to you promptly. Additionally, we offer the option to arrange a home visit outside of regular business hours for your convenience.

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