Creating wealth through good advice, strategic planning, sound decision making, and some long-term commitment is our philosophy at Intergenerational Wealth.

Investment and Wealth Creation Our Financial Planners at Intergenerational Wealth have a wide range of investment strategies and options available to help their clients build wealth, diversify assets and work towards achieving short and long term goals and aspirations.

Through our proven process, we will endeavour to understand your current position, as well as your individual needs and objectives. This may include things such as:

  • Retiring with enough money to live on
  • Protecting the family while focusing on reducing debt
  • Minimising tax
  • Maximising Centrelink entitlements
  • Protecting ownership arrangements in business
  • Dealing with redundancy or retrenchment
  • Reviewing and consolidating superannuation
  • Creating wealth
  • Addressing a surplus or deficit cashflow
  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with inheritance
  • Planning for children’s education
  • Establishing estate planning arrangements
  • Managing capital gains tax, and much more.

After understanding what is most important to you, we will then step you through a comprehensive risk profiling process, and take the time to understand your tolerance to risk and volatility.

Our investment platforms cater for all types of investors, whatever your investment needs, individual risk profile and long-term investment goals.

Through our comprehensive and well managed approved product list, we can offer investments with a wide variety of asset classes, including cash, fixed interest, listed property, Australian shares and international shares, developed and emerging markets, as well as different styles.

We can even offer investments with a unique capital protection mechanism for those investors who like the idea of investing in growth assets, but would prefer to mitigate the risk.



Higher risk is associated with greater probability of higher return, and lower risk with a greater probability of smaller return. At Intergenerational Wealth, we ensure we recommend investments that are not too risky for you, so you can sleep at night.

laptop-2Goals-based investing is an approach which aims to help people meet their personal and lifestyle goals, whatever they may be, in a straight forward and simple way. It does this by placing people’s goals right at the centre of the advice process and aims to build investment products that do the same.

chatAt Intergenerational Wealth we will recommend strategies to suit your circumstances and achieve your goals such as gearing, regular savings plans and dollar cost averaging.


Get in touch with one of our financial advisors at (03) 9746 7643, or simply provide your details to schedule a no-obligation meeting, and we’ll reach out to you promptly. Additionally, we offer the option to arrange a home visit outside of regular business hours for your convenience.

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