Business Financial Services

Our team at Intergenerational Wealth has a broad and diverse range of skills in financial planning, for individuals in businesses, and is positioned to offer advice in many areas of need.

Our key strengths in this area include:

  • Capital Gains Tax Planning and small business rollover concessions
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Shareholder Insurance (what happens to your company if an equity owner dies?)
  • Business Succession (who will buy your business?)
  • Keyperson Insurance (who will generate income if a key person dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled?)
  • Estate Planning (appropriate asset distribution on death)
  • Buy/Sell Agreements (what happens to your business if a business partner dies or is disabled?)
  • Business Debt Redemption (have you signed any personal guarantees for your business?)

Business Financial Services

employeeAt Intergenerational Wealth we offer corporate Superannuation packages, giving your employees wholesale fee structures and automatic accepted insurances.

conferenceOur experienced advisers will provide advice on business insurances to ensure the operations of your business can continue if any key people were to die or suffer a significant injury or illness.

connectionAt some stage you will decide to leave your business; perhaps you have decided to sell, retire or do something else. Regardless of the reason, having a succession (or exit) plan in place will help you to smoothly transition out of your business.